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New 2021 Hardcopy Catalogue

New 2021 Hardcopy Catalogue
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Peter Clark

My good friend for over 35 years Peter Clark recently passed away suddenly , in my opinion he was the greatest showman that ever showed exhibition vegetables, he won 100s of championships with all kinds of veg, a very quiet man whose actions always spoke louder than his words . We will all miss him dearly.

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Kohi Rabi Kodiak

Kohi Rabi Kodiak is a new green variety, last year in the trails some were seen at 14lbs in weight yet they were still very tender and sweet to eat raw!  They were planted in early June too.  

Available here to buy

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Leek Fencer

A new leek for 2019 . Leek Fencer is an early maturing F.1 hybrid variety with a very long shank suitable for cropping from November onwards.Hardy leek, not typically dark green but has a good appearance with white shank. Outstanding new variety for sowing from January onwards .
Its best to sow leeks for the Kitchen early and plant out in April , they need a long season to mature into good size leeks. We sow them direct into modules at a temperature of around 18c, they donít need much heat once they are through , they are quite happy to sit in a cold greenhouse or tunnel on the floor once they have a couple of leaves, from a January sowing you will have good strong leeks to plant out . Always plant leeks on a well ventilated ground preferably where leek rust as never been seen. 

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